Paper Submission


Submission can be made through one of these methods:

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Format of Paper Submission (Guideline)

  • Your manuscript should include a paper number, a title, an author listing, an abstract, an introductory section, one or more sections containing the main body of the manuscript, a concluding summary section, and a reference section. You may also include a section on notation, an acknowledgements section, and appendices, as illustrated in this sequel, However, the total page number should not exceed 6 physical pages.
  • The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the preferred format for electronic submissions. However, the final manuscript (called camera ready) must be submitted in MS Word document (.docx or .doc). The page size should be 8 .27 inches by 11.69 inches exactly (A4).
  • Citations should precisely follow APA method for both, parenthetical citation and reference entries.

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