IZU, the conference venue is located 8 kilometres from the Ataturk Airport. Participants are therefore encouraged to stay in hotels closed to the airport.

Holiday Inn Airport


We recommend the Holiday Inn Airport,

Holiday Inn Aiport

Courtyard Marriott Hotel

or the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.


Courtyard Marriot


After the conference, participants are recommended to stay in Serkeci for sightseeing of historical buildings such as Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia, etc.

Note: Bookings can be made through, etc.

IZU On-campus dormitory


For those preferring a cheaper accommodation, we also provide IZU On-campus dormitory (25 EURO per person with breakfast). For further information as well as for making reservations, participants should contact directly the hostels at the provided contacts -

Kindly note that this dormitory is limited to those attending without family.